Please take care of “Me”!

I know, the title grabbed your attention! If you are thinking who is that “Me” to take care of, it’s none other than yourself! Are you a person, who is very busy working all the time and taking care of each and everyone in the family, without a break?! If yes, then this blog is for you!

In this blog I chose to write about “Me Time”; Because it’s the need of the hour after the pandemic (corona). Especially for married women! And of course for men too! First of all, thanks to the person who coined this word. Because our parent’s or grandparent’s generation was not aware of this word, I guess! Most of them never thought of taking care of themselves! Or maybe it was considered selfish at that time. Especially women in those times! But, thank God! At least now we know the importance of it.

So, what is “Me-time”?
It’s time spent loving or taking care of yourself. It’s about being present with yourself; mind and body!

Why do we need “Me time”? 

We are all working continuously on one or the other without a break. Especially when it comes to a nuclear family, in metro cities, the workload is comparatively high. So we need a break from that routine; to rejuvenate, refresh ourselves. We need to fill energy and get back to our routine. Even a machine/motor needs servicing. Likewise, we humans too need that.

They say, when we are in love with someone, our face glows! What if we love ourselves?! (i.e., having me time) That glow doubles right! Me time i.e., taking care of ourselves is like investing in ourselves. We invest money on land, shares, and we get profit/benefits. Likewise, investing in ourselves, in turn, returns something good in the future! So, when was the last time you invested in yourself ?! Till certain age we were busy with education, getting a job, and settling down. Then comes marriage, then kids occupied us. It goes on! It’s a never-ending story!

Forget about me-time, some of us are so busy taking care of others to such an extent that we don’t even know what we love. If someone asks us, “What do you love to do?”, We may find it difficult to answer. We might say, “we love to take care of our partner, kids/ job we do for surviving, etc”. Roles and responsibilities are different from what you love to do! Spouse/kids came into our life now. Before that also we had life. We had likes/dislikes. But now we got lost in our busy world to such an extent that we have forgotten about our likes and dislikes. We have forgotten to live; we are just alive. that too especially if we are married and have kids! We, most of the women don’t spend time with ourselves. This is the story of most of us. Yeah, few are exceptional!

So, at least start now ?!  If we don’t start now, then we will end up sitting in the front of the laptop working/ cooking / running behind kids, our entire lives!!

How to get me-time?
Regarding making time to get “me time”, we all have the same excuse that we do not have time. “Where there is a will, there is a way”. We need to plan and organize. Say suppose, if we have a doctor’s appointment or an event/meeting to attend or go out, we will plan and finish all our work whether it’s office work or household chores. Or if we are in love with someone else, we will make time in our busy schedule to take them out, keep them happy. Likewise, when we love ourselves, we have to take out time to make ourselves happy. It may not be possible for us to spend time daily basis. But there shouldn’t be any excuses to have me-time at least a few days a week. Because nobody is going to do this for us! We have to do it ourselves.

Ideas to spend me-time:
Ask yourself; what do you love to do or what makes you happy. A list of things you can come out with. You may be good at something or many things! May be passionate about painting, music, writing, reading books, gardening or sports, gym/yoga.
Also, me-time is not just about working on things you are passionate about. It’s ok, if you don’t have any hobbies. Just try and do what makes you happy!
For example:
* Go to Spa / Parlour and spend your time there.
* Get ready, even if no special events. Click photos and post. When your friends likes and comments, it might make you happy.
* Go for shopping and pamper yourself.
* If you are a foodie, order hotel food and take a break from cooking
* Scroll FB / Instagram / WhatsApp
* Watch web series/movies/serials too, if it makes you happy.
* Meet your school/college friends. Keep in touch, by calling them or by chatting! When we talk about those good old days, about batch mates/lecturers, it might help to refresh the mind. Talk about your old crush and new crush if any !! with old buddies and have fun.
* Plan a small trip, if possible, if you like traveling (whenever it’s safe to travel)
* If you don’t want to talk to anyone or don’t feel like doing anything in your me time, that’s allowed, if it’s making you happy.
* You can spend your time, simply lying on the bed/sofa too.

What I am trying to convey is, we shouldn’t bother whether it’s useful or useless. What matters, is our happiness!!

We ignore ourselves; we hesitate to take care of ourselves, spend time with ourselves, thinking, people or society might call us selfish or irresponsible. But always remember that the same people or society did not reward us with any Oscar or Nobel Prize! Many times, not even a small recognition! So it’s time to ignore them and start learning to love/pamper ourselves before it’s too late.

Most of the time, we need more love, not from others; but from ourselves. It makes us physically and mentally healthy. Which in turn helps us to love our loved ones more! Always remember that nobody will come and tell you to do what you love or say, “Hey go and have your time !!” So don’t wait, start taking care of yourself now.

In my opinion, “Me time” helps me understand more about “me “!! Because that’s the only thing that stays with us forever! And it will be with us, till our last breath.

As someone said, “Remember to live while you’re busy surviving!”
So take care of yourself❤️ And please implement this and let me know what good changes it brought you.

I am not a subject matter expert. I have explained, what I have understood and followed/following.

Thanks for reading.


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